Back pain is very common in our society and can affect each one of us. Back pain is due to a lot by sitting a lot and lack of active mobility.

What can you do, if it mainly hurts and itches in your back?

Not the spinal disk is the „root of all evil“ but mostly weak (untrained) muscles, unelastic ligaments or pathological changes on the intervertebral joints. ^Physical activity and endurance training in your free time like for example swimminmg, but also the running on a crosstrainer train your (mostly) not used muscles and prevent a muscular weakness. Frequent changes of posture that is regularly getting up and walking around or (if possible) working in changing standing/sitting positions as well as a workplace with ergonomically adaptable furniture (among others height-adjustable chairs and desks) and working tools (PC-keyboard, mouse but also workbench) guarantee permanently an upright and painfree body posture. Another important factor is the head posture, whether it is when working on the computer, whether checking your mobile phone or when eating during lunch time.This stresses mainly your neck muscles . They are permanently overstretched (foas seen in the clinical picture of the “mobile phone neck” by fixing the mobile phone between one ear and shoulder).

A detailed description of what you can do can be found on https:/
Combined with a coordinative training (e.g. short-foot-technique by JANDA) you can self-optimize your interaction of your posture and motion. Since your S-shaped spine is basically very mobile due to its muscles, ligaments and tendons and not constructed for permanent sitting, the “WHO” recommends half an hour of exercise every day. Especially endurance sports and moderate strength training are suitable for that.

Thus “Moving is blessing” is the best mean against back pain, for „the one who is resting, gets immobile“. The fear,to damage even more, is unfounded. Measures like physiotherapy, injections, tablets as well as hot- or cold packs have a supporting but no causal effect on back pain, that means, if the pain circuit is broken by these means, active measures are mandatory for your back: Keep moving!

A back and spine training course show you additionally, how you can lift and carry heavy loads carefully, but also how to rise yourself painfree from your lying postion when having already back pain.

Your relaxation and regeneration is enhanced by a durch eine step bed storage for example by a gym ball but also by sleeping mattresses with an adapted, bets with a medium degree of hardness.