“Health may not be everything, but without health everything is nothing.” (Schopenhauer) 

Environmental factors and lifestyle often quicken the personal and individual aging process and result in unpleasant side effects like:

  • tiredness
  • reduced abiliy to perform
  • lack of concentration
  • sleeping disorders
  • zivilisation diseases like for instance overweight, cardiovascular diseases, premature degeneration of the locomotor system, gastrointestinal diseases
  • looking badly

Preventive measures are

  • balanced nutrition on an orthomolecular basis
  • regular exercise and sporting activities
  • avoidance of nicotine abuse
  • reducing stress with relaxation techniques
  • consuming alcohol moderately
  • sleeping regularly and sufficiently

A specific regeneration (which is cure and restoration) can be achieved by

  • high-dose intake of vitamins, trace elements, mineral substances and antioxidants
  • revitalisation cures
  • phytotherapy
  • hormonetherapies
  • oxygen therapies