Sports medicine

Human beings are mobile

Mobility is closely connected to the term health. Looking more exactly at the human body, you discover a great variety of functional structures whose brilliant fitness of purpose is just surprising. Additionally, the human body is provided with a well functioning system of autoregulation.

Physical activity

The smooth function of all body parts presupposes an appropriate dose of various physical exercise. Original forms of physical exercise have been made impossible by social changes, industrialization and urbanization. Physical exercise in the form of bodily work is performed today by a constantly decreasing number of people. Even in occupations comprising bodily work many activities have been replaced by machines and other aids and are now unilateral.


However the greatest mistake is the permanent sitting, to which the human in today`s society is forced. Already in the infant age we are educated to sit calmly on our own seat. This disturbs the development of a healthy posture and a good muscular balance. In the school education the passing on a good knowledge is prominent. No importance is attached to physical and sporting development. The development of an integrated – mobile, thinking and with a good knowledge – individual human is inhibited by that. Mobility however is one basic condition being important for human self-confidence. The fact the number of patients with disorders of the locomotor system increases can`t be explained only by the increased average age. Here reduced mobility and diminished bodily abilities are accepted as important causes.

Sporty hobby

The good thing is physical activity as a hobby gets more and more popular. It is not rare an average human begins spontaneously with her/his sporting hobby without acquiring more thorough knowledge or skills. For an infant it is quite appropriate, since having a good ability to learn. Without effort it acquires the correct way of motion e.g. by imitating top athletes. Moreover an infant has not developped a faulty coordination of movements. For an adult it is more difficult, since she/he is burdened by wrong habits to move and a defective respectively missing muscular balance (muscular dysbalance).

Enthusiasm for sports

When starting any sporting activity without an expert supervision overuse injuries develop inevitably with her/his training extent increasing. It may appear strange, it is necessary for an adult to learn running, walking or swimming under expert supervision. For some however it is an urgent requirement in order not to suffer from disadvantages due to the new stimulated sporting enthusiasm.

Physical exercises

Properly performed the sporting activities support health. The function of the excellent physical autoregulation system depends totally on the motion. The joints are “lubricated” automatically and the muscles preserve their strength, when they may work. The cardiovascular system benefits from physical activity too. In addition the physical strain stimulates the secretion of endorphines, the beneficial “drugs” in the brain. Specific fields of physical exercise are the competitive and top sports. Here exact training and correct performance of the movements are especially important. Since the strain is extremely high, even small mistakes have adverse effects. Even in humans not executing sports, the consequences of such mistakes – e.g. damages by wear and tear – are obvious, but at the earliest between 40 and 50 years old. One of the advantages of a tough sporting exercise during youth can be seen in the fact those mistakes can be recognized and treated in time.

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