Yoga is a philosophical teaching.  It comprises a series of mental and physical exercises and practices. On the one hand this can mean “union” or “integration”. On the other hand, it can also be understood in the sense of “coupling” to and “connecting” the body with the soul for collection and concentration or becoming one with consciousness. Therefore, there are different and individually adapted Yoga paths for the pursuit of self-knowledge.

The origin of Yoga lies in India. In the western culture, the focus is mainly on physical exercises. These are called “Asanas”. These asanas train strength, flexibility and balance. A main representative of these yoga exercises is Hatha Yoga.

Yoga training usually also includes deep relaxation, breathing exercises and meditation. The aim of yoga is to bring body, mind, soul and breath into harmony and thus achieve more inner serenity.

The calming and balancing effect of yoga is ideal especially now during the corona pandemic.

Some of these exercises, which are also suitable for beginners, are illustrated here.


I would like to emphasize here that this article is only an introduction, which should serve as your motivation.
To deepen your knowledge, guidance from expert yoga teachers is of course necessary and useful.
Numerous contact addresses and information can be found on the Internet.