Fractures and luxations (broken bones and sprains)

The forearm (see figure) and ankle are typical examples.
If the joint is involved, both the bony structures and the ligament structures of the joint can be damaged.
Therapy prerequisite for a good result is an anatomical (completely normal) restoration of the bone shape and stable joint guidance.
Only non-displaced fractures can therefore be treated conservatively without surgery by external stabilization (e.g. plaste

For all other fractures with displaced bone fragments and in the case of injury to surrounding ligament structures, open surgery with internal stabilization by bone screw fixation (osteosynthesis) and ligament stabilization is usually necessary.
Physiotherapy and increasing the load, especially in the lower extremity, is then carried out individually. The removal of the osteosynthesis material introduced for fracture stabilisation can be carried out after about one year.