Fitness and sports


Today`s sports and Fitness are inseparably connected to each other respectively are affected by each other. That`s why certain conditions and knowledge are necessary in order to pursue sports effectively respectively to keep yourself fit. I have listed some essential points for you below.

1.1. Sports medicine and training theory

Active sporting practice depends on different basic conditions. Besides age and the anatomic conditions of the single body regions especially stance and motion are decisive for a coordinated sporting exercise. Doing this you have to consider in addition to your personal biomechanics, muscle balance (balance between functional muscular antagonists e.g. flexor and extensor muscles)also if necessary your false posture. A directed and individual training organization avoids disturbances or muscular dysbalances and leads to a coordinated and specific way of motion.

1.2. Sports and overuse injuries

Especially in the prevention but also in the treatment and rehabilitation of sporting injuries stretching techniques play an important part. Doing this motion is determined on the one hand by the flexibility and elasticity of the joint surrounding connective tissue, on the other hand by physical conditions like body and environmental temperature. Thus a correct warming up correctly is a inalienable requirement for a correct and effective stretching. The latter will be demonstrated with the help of different body regions and considering several selected kinds of sport.

1.3. Sports and immune system

Starting from the basic principles of training and adaptation the effects on the immune system are shown. There are interactions between the immune system of the sportsman/woman, the sporting activity, the nourishment and environmental influences like infections, altitude and hot weather conditions. Organization and structure of the immune system can be influenced by aging and different diseases.

1.4. Pain therapy and sports

Acute and chronic diseases can cause pain conditions. Different procedures of academic and alternative medicine can be used. Especially the classic neural therapy but also the different acupuncture techniques on body, ear, skull and most recently hand have enforced their solid position. Relaxing procedures like autogenic training and Jacobson-relaxation, but also Yoga and QI-GONG, play an increasing and important part.

1.5. Nutrition for sportsman/woman

Due to today`s often existing deficiency or malnutrition it is important especially for athletes to take up a balanced combination of appropriate vital substances like vitamines, anti-oxidants, mineral substances, trace elements and essential fatty acids considering the principles of orthomolecular medicine (according to LINUS PAULING). Substances like bases, amino acids, l-carnitine and coenzyme Q 10 complete the spectrum. These substances on the one hand have effects on the immune system and form on the other hand an important requirement to execute endurance training, weight reduction and body styling.