Beautiful bride’s shoes

By normal footwear, even if it fits very well and is well manufactured, the muscles of the foot and leg are “relieved” extensively, that means “reduced to inaction”. The effect is, that the muscles get weaker increasingly, so that they can less and less fulfill their original duty, to keep the foot active and flexible. This results in a total flabby and weak foot, which is not able anymore to cooperate actively in walking and running. Thereby all preconditions for deformation of the feet are given. Then displacements and changes in of the joints and capsules develop. Then a joint which was immobilized for a long time, is more or less stiff and needs to be remobilized often very laboriously and painfully. The decrease in joint mobility develops by a shrinking of the joint capsules, which due to the nonuse also adjust to the given conditions of practically immobilized joints. Therefore after a development in this direction long enough, a healing or the restoration of the original condition is not possible any more. Additionally a “wet chamber” in the shoe can develop, since the normal secretions cannot evaporate, but are absorbed by the footwear. As a result the foot is kept in a wet atmosphere , which softens the skin and impedes its perspiration.
If patients come for therapy to me in time, appropriate measures like active foot training, therapeutic exercise and so on can prevent from this danger and return the development backwards to normal. For the on-going damage of the foot muscles and skeleton, the supply with an orthopaedic shoe device has to be done at the same time. With this the changes having occurred already must not only be compensated mechanically but also by adequate formation of the footwear conditions shall be created, which stimulate the foot for active function. Especially going barefoot on a soft ground trains the foot muscles and thus protects from the above named civilization damages.